Hi, I'm Elissa.

I crave blank paper.

I listen. I hear what people are saying about their ideas, even if they are not sure how to best articulate them.

I can recognize a fantastic idea, even if it is not my own.

I never lose sight of the big picture but Iā€™m a stickler for the details. 

I am a champion of other designers.

I love my job.

I work fast and smart.

Inspiration is everywhere.

I know that any creative problem has a thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful solution. Probably several. 

Creating something from nothing is intoxicating!


Elissa Josse is an Art Director, Designer and Compulsive Doodler. She has an English degree from Wesleyan University and a Design degree from Pratt Institute. Her designs can be found gracing the products on shelves nationally in Papyrus, Nordstom, Hallmark, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and internationally at TKUK. In her free time you can find her decorating cakes or creating elaborate Halloween costumes. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and 3 children.